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About us

No one is illegal

NO ONE IS ILLEGAL is a non-profit association whose aim is to provide legal advice and meet the basic needs of asylum seekers, stateless people and migrants in need of international protection and / or at risk of social exclusion.

After several years volunteering in several refugee camps and offering legal counseling to migrants on their international protection applications, we have proved the lack of safe and legal channels, as well as the slow and inefficient procedures which aim at guaranteeing these people´s rights.

We note that the civil society is which, in a selfless way, has given answers to situations which institutions have proved unable to manage due to very diverse reasons (political interests, civil servants without proper training, rigid protocols, the lack of communication between administrations, etc.).

NO ONE IS ILLEGAL is born from the desire and the will to accompany and advise, in a more empathetic and humane way, asylum seekers, stateless persons and migrants at risk of social exclusion.

NO ONE IS ILLEGAL wants to facilitate for these people the procedures which have been initiated or wish to be initiated to get protection or regularize their status.

NO ONE IS ILLEGAL also wants to report the constant human rights violations which migrants suffer during the asylum process or during their administrative regularization.

We deeply believe in equal rights and freedoms without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, sexual orientation, political or other opinion. All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.

Empathy is one of the essential pillars of NO ONE IS ILLEGAL.  All of us have been, are or will be migrants in our life.

President: Yolanda Bassas

Lawyer registered at Barcelona (1998) and Paris (2001) Bar Associations.

I have always been convinced that the law must be at the service of people and society.

Abogada colegiada en Barcelona (1998) y París (2001), estoy convencida de que el derecho debe estar al servicio de los demás.

In defending human rights, I draw on more than twenty years of experience in international law and in handling transnational litigation.

This defence of human rights has led me to work as a lawyer at Spanish Commission for Refugee (CEAR) and collaborate closely with other non-governmental organisations.

After two years volunteering in several refugee camps, I decide to found NO ONE IS ILLEGAL.  

I speak Spanish, French, English, Italian and Catalan and I have been litigating in Spanish and French courts for more than twenty years.

No one is illegal.

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